Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Colorpencil Inspired Dress Up

With my newly acquired camera! (compliments from My Boy!)

I feel compelled to share my interesting fashion for today. Some might find it slightly 'off' but I kinda liked it cos it reminds me of a set of two-sided color pencils i used to own when i was a kid, so today's dress up is kinda nostalgic.
I mixed and matched a cotton on basic top in Cyan with a princessy looking light pink silk mesh-skirt, and this was the outcome.

The Urge

Been feeling the urge to blog recently.
Like all things in my life, i often get caught in the moment, and then poof it disappears as quickly as it happened.

This is Christmas month! I'm wrecking my brains thinking of what i want to get for my precious love ones. I'm bad at this, hopefully i will see something soon!

Life has been great! I managed to catch with many friends in the last quarter of the year, sitting down, chilling-out and basically updating each other on our lives.
Theres still a few more wonderful friends i need to meet. I hope I will get to do so before the year ends!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A chill chill Sat-chill-day @ Ice Cold Beer

Spent my Sat out with my favorite babes, my boy and Uncle Kenneth Lee. Its been a while since we met up with Uncle Lee, the last time we met was at his wedding, in which we din really have much chance to talk to him because he was SO BUSY and probably drunk by the time his dinner was over.

After our session at ICB. Our Hip-Happening-and-newly-single Lily invited us to join her at St James, which me and Zane gungho-ly agreed. Alas upon mins of us being there, we both decided we were to tired to continue and cut things short after and hour or so.

Here's some pictures we took for the night. The good thing about having a camera and being in Orchard late at night is, we were able to pose ourselves silly with all the Christmas decors because no one was looking!

Blog Shop Hopping

I stopped reading blogs since the day i stopped blogging myself.
But today! I actually went blogshop hopping and wow, the blog circuit is as popular as ever.
I was having initial troubles looking for blogshops to 'Hop' but thanks to the famous blogshop model Beatrice Tan, her site provided me loads of links to shop. :D

With my revisit to my forgotten blogsite, i realise that the new designing feature is very nifty too! All I took was 10mins and my blogsite got a facelift! Its like e-botox or something! :p

I'm not sure who reads my blog anymore. But it sure feels fun to erm. share! to no one in particular my thoughts and whining.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Simplicity is bliss too

If only every thing around were simple..
I live with no ill intent. I treat w equality. But yet, it's not enough.

How can I see the better side of this coin.. How can I jus enjoy de moment without feelin like I am taking things away from anyone.
I hope I see the better side soon. Tis feeling is bothering me just too much.